Skincare Tips for Winter Travel

    Skincare Tips for Winter Travel

    More than 109 million people are expected to travel this holiday season. If you’re one of them, heeding these skincare tips will help counteract the dehydrating, inflaming impact of airplanes, weather changes—and travel stress. The goal: to keep your skin healthy and glowing into the new year, no matter what’s on your winter travel agenda.

    Stick with what works

    If you follow an effective routine at home, don’t radically change things on the road. Just aim to pack your products in travel sizes to make transport easier. You can buy inexpensive travel vials at any drug or beauty supply store—or pick up a set of pre-packaged minis, like Neolastin’s Your Beautiful Skin Trio set, which enables you to bring along your favorite serum, cream and eye treatment in TSA-friendly sizes.

    Fly with clean skin

    Wearing a mask on board an airplane is still mandatory, so dial down the makeup to minimize irritation under your face covering. Your best bet: fly with clean, bare but well-hydrated skin. That means making sure you still apply your daily moisturizer in the morning.

    Don’t over-frost your face

    Historically dermatologists have bemoaned the dehydrating effects of airplane air and recommended slathering on a rich cream while you fly. And plane air can still leave skin parched—but a rich cream under an occlusive mask is also a recipe for pore clogging. So, go ahead and apply something hydrating to clean skin—but keep it light. Think: a serum or even a hydrating mist. Neolastin Face & Neck Regenerative Serum would fit the bill perfectly. Then, when you arrive at your destination, wash your face again and apply a nourishing cream like Rejuvenate & Hydrate Moisturizing Cream.

    Pack a portable humidifier

    If you are visiting somewhere dry (e.g. you’ll be nestled high in the mountains), bringing along a personal humidifier isn’t a bad idea. Put it next to your bed while you sleep to replenish the moisture you lost while traveling—or on the slopes all day. MOVTIP’s tiny travel humidifier is both effective and affordable.

    Baby your lips

    The skin on your lips is especially vulnerable to moisture loss because we drink and lick our lips all day—and that wetness evaporates off the lips, taking with it essential moisture. So, keep your lips coated with balm at all times when traveling. Stocking up on a tried-and-true, inexpensive product like Aquaphor means you can apply and reapply all day, without fretting about how quickly you use up the product.

    Goose the circulation in your face

    Travel-related fatigue is common—and it can cause the skin to look dull because your whole body’s functioning in slow-mo, making normal processes like dead-skin-cell shedding and blood circulation less efficient. To jumpstart things, try using a face roller like Neolastin’s Rejuvenate & Restore Beauty Tool (about the size of a razor and easy to pack!) to reduce fluid buildup and restore radiance. To use, roll away from the center of the face toward the lymphatic points. Use the small end of the roller to target the eye area and the larger end of the roller for your face and neck.

    Drink water

    Ok, it’s a cliché. But it is still good advice—especially while traveling. Hydrating from the inside out, with at least 64 ounces of fluid a day, is among the most oft-repeated travel advice from skin care experts.


    Your skin repairs, rejuvenates and replenishes itself overnight, so getting enough shuteye while you’re traveling is especially important (though it may be easier said than done over the holidays). If you can’t squeeze in the sleep you need each night, try to sneak away for cat naps or at least brief quiet times to give your skin (and yourself) a healthy break.