What Causes Fine Line and Wrinkles Around the Eyes?

    What Causes Fine Line and Wrinkles Around the Eyes?

    For most people, the eyes show signs of aging—fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, puffiness and crepiness—earlier than the rest of the face. And while there are several factors that make the eye skin more vulnerable to accelerated aging than the skin we have elsewhere, there are also (thankfully) strategies to help slow things down. Let’s explore both.

    Signs of eye aging:fine lines and wrinkles 

    What causes it: Eye skin is very thin (up to ten times thinner than the skin on your cheeks or forehead),and we’re constantly moving it by smiling, squinting, blinking, etc. Over time, this combination is like doing yoga in linen pants (read: wrinkles galore). 

    What to do about it:You want an eye-treatment formula that contains ingredients to provide an immediate plumping effect, such as natural, nourishing butters and hyaluronic acid, the latter of which has been shown to hold as much as 1,000 times its weight in water. You should also seek out actives that help support and boost collagen production, as well as maintain the integrity of elastin (the stretchy fibers that make skin elastic), to keep creases from deepening.

    Signs of eye aging:crepiness  

    What causes it: After the age of 20, the skin produces one percent less collagen each year. That means that, by the time you’re 30, you’ve lost ten percent of your skin’s collagen—and by the time you’re 50, you’ve lost 30 percent. The result of that rapid decline? Significant sagging and notably crepey texture. To complicate matters, the tissue under the eyes is also typically lacking in fat, which can cause the area to appear hollow and sunken.

    What to do about it:Using an emollient, deeply hydrating eye cream twice a day will help smooth and minimize crepiness. It’s also important to apply a topical formula that boosts or supports your skin’s levels of collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm, plump and taut. Look for active ingredients such as peptides to up collagen production–and antioxidants to combat the free radicals that can damage the collagen you do have. 

    Signs of eye aging:dryness 

    What causes it:Eye skin lacks oil glands, so when it’s dehydrated, it really shows, accentuating fine lines, bags and sags.

    What to do about it: Imagine your skin as a plum: With water, it’s plump and juicy. Without it, it’s a prune. So, replenish your eye skin’s hydration levels by routinely applying a moisture-rich cream laced with natural butters and hyaluronic acid. Also, try to avoid using harsh cleansers on the eye skin. Use either a makeup remover made specifically for the eyes—or a gentle creamy or oil-based cleanser to prevent irritation and keep you from exacerbating the dryness.


    Signs of eye aging:puffiness and dark circles

    What causes it: There are a lot of blood vessels under the eyes, so poor circulation can cause puffiness if fluids become backlogged. Blood that’s pooled can also show through thin skin, giving the undereyes a blue cast. Finally, eye skin tends to be very sensitive and can be reactive to skincare ingredients, allergens in the air, or environmental assaults like pollution, which can all lead to puffiness, redness and discoloration. 

    What to do about it: Getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water can help prevent fluid buildup under the eyes, and using topical treatments that contain antioxidants will help fight the environmental assaults that cause irritation. It’s also important to be gentle on fragile eye skin, pressing and gently wiping when cleansing (never scrubbing) and patting on creams or concealers (never tugging or stretching). 

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