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    • Built on 20 Years of rigorous scientific research and clinical trials.
    • The first and only skincare solution that truly rebuilds damaged elastin.
    • NUFLEX™ Technology is designed to support your skin’s natural collagen and elastin fiber production.

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    In A Clinical Trial using Face & Neck Regenerative Serum daily for 28 days…

    • 83% of participants reported a filler effect on their wrinkles
    • 94% of participants felt their skin was more moisturized, smoother and healthier
    • 97% of participants noticed smoother, healthier skin

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Will I See Results?

    Because our products are highly concentrated and fast penetrating, your skin should feel immediately hydrated and refreshed. You will experience marked results in 4 weeks. Your skin texture will look and feel greatly improved, and over time, your skin will continue to repair and become more resilient.

    How often should I use the NEOLASTIN Neck and Face Serum?

    For best results, apply the serum twice a day, morning and evening, after cleansing your face.

    What skin types are Neolastin products suitable for?

    Our products are suitable and beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin. No matter your skin type, our highly-concentrated and fast-penetrating formulas are designed to instantly saturate your skin with a potent dose of nutrients and bio-active ingredients.

    What makes Neolastin's formulations so powerful?

    Our formulations are comprised of clinically-validated key actives which are incorporated at their appropriate use level (not token amounts) to generate optimal results. The Nuflex patented technology complex formulated into all of our products has been clinically proven to immediately jump into action upon application to deliver its benefits where it counts the most, and not just sit on top of the surface of the skin.