Our patented Neolastin Complex (NuflexTM) is a powerful combination of active ingredients that hydrates and restores balance to the skin by supporting the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin. The skin is replenished for a more youthful, radiant look and feel.

    Our formulations are comprised of clinically-validated key actives which are incorporated at their appropriate use level (not token amounts) to generate optimal results. The NuflexTM patented technology complex formulated into all of our products has been clinically proven to immediately jump into action upon application to deliver its benefits where it counts the most, and not just sit on top of the surface of the skin.

    Our patented NUFLEX™ complex is both a reparative and preventative treatment for the skin. It helps to stabilize any further loss of elastin and collagen, while also replacing and restoring any damaged fibers. Our clinical studies show that with consistent daily use of products containing NUFLEX™, applied twice a day for 28+ days, skin will be stronger, firmer, smoother and elastin degradation will be prevented/slowed down. 

    Our NUFLEX™ technology is a combination of highly potent ingredients including antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Our products should be stored in cool dry places. To preserve the formulations and ensure they last longer, we suggest storing your eye cream and moisturizer in a refrigerator – which also creates a rapid cooling, soothing and depuffing effect on the skin.   

    Our products are suitable and beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin. No matter your skin type, our highly-concentrated and fast-penetrating formulas are designed to instantly saturate your skin with a potent dose of nutrients and bio-active ingredients.

    Yes, both men and women can use our products.  Men go through the same aging process as women, however men generally have thicker skin. Our patented NUFLEX™ technology is successful in delivering the same smooth, firm, healthy, youthful looking skin results for all skin types, ages, and genders.

    Follow the instructions that are included with each product. Always apply our products to clean, bare skin. For optimal results, apply our Face & Neck Regenerative Serum first, followed by our Revitalize & Firm Eye Cream, and Rejuvenate & Hydrate Moisturizing Cream.

    Because our products are highly concentrated and fast penetrating, your skin should feel immediately hydrated and refreshed. You will experience marked results in 4 weeks. Your skin texture will look and feel greatly improved, and over time, your skin will continue to repair and become more resilient

    Yes, all of our products are dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to work.

    Yes, Neolastin’s NUFLEX™ technology is safe to use with other products containing high potency ingredients.  We suggest first doing a small patch test area along the side of your face to make sure your skin doesn’t have a negative reaction. If you experience any discomfort you should discontinue the product combinations, or get advice from a dermatologist on how to properly layer your anti-aging products containing active ingredients.

    Our products are free of fragrance, parabens, animal-derived products, and GMOs.

    While some of our ingredients are plant-derived, our products are not all-natural. Our proprietary ingredients and formulas are scientifically developed and clinically proven to improve the health, quality, texture, and appearance of skin.

    No, we do not believe in, nor do we engage in, any form of animal testing.

    Yes. We do not have any animal-derived ingredients in our formulas. 

    Yes, our products are Halal.